Drugs and nutritional supplements


Avnioğlu Medical Care is preparing medical publications that serve all medical campaigns in different languages such as disease resistance and awareness campaigns as well as prevention campaigns.

  There                                are also world medical timetable: like

 Diabetes Day, the Day of the elderly.

The company is also preparing a review of all the scientific and medical books and scientific diplomas and re-printed diplomas in different languages.


The company also produces medical awareness films of scientific and educational fields that serve Health prevention, medical education, patient education, and the training of students, nursing and doctors in all the various medical fields

AvnioğluDrugs and nutritional supplements
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The company provides all the medical equipment and medical supplies as well as medical consumables that is available in the Turkish market and Turkish factories and exporting it to all countries in the world, according to orders being served.

The company is also preparing all clinics, hospitals and medical centers with all the equipment from the ground up with thestarting of the operating system and save information for each medical facilities for medical record-keeping.

All of this at reasonable prices and competitive in all countries and with the option of training of the employees of those hospitals on the purchased hardware as well as providing ensurance contracts of these devices.

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The concept of Health tourism has evolved recently and expanded to include traveling of the patient within the same country or even traveling abroad in order to acquire the medical care needed .

Among the most important of human incentives to search for these services through travel is to provide freedom of movement and the ability to afford expenses and easy access to places of medical services.

And the provision of medical tourism rep is to facilitate travel and accommodation and of course guidance of the client to the most suitable medical places to him as well as guidance and protection during the period of receiving a medical service.

Thus, the medical tourism rep is a guide and organizer for client program and facilitates communication with the medical service providers and to be the link between them.

And also give our client the options and alternatives available and give him complete information about the hospital and the doctors and the development of the proposed treatment plan and the expected drawbacks and duration of treatment and the cost as well.

As a representative of the patient, the rep providing all the medical reports to the health care provider until the accurate treatment plan is determined.

Also we help him to overcome the language barrier by providing a translator throughout the treatment period.

In this process, the health care mediator between the patient and the doctor is the medical tourism rep.

Therefore our motto is Ready for help and Ready for care.

Health tourism sector or as some people would call “the medical tourism industry” is considered as one of the fastest growing sectors and according to 2016 statistics, the number of passengers for health tourism and 4% of airline passengers has reached 11 million people.

Turkey is considered as one of the favorite destinations in medical tourism due to their distinctive prices and keeping up with European systems.

Because of Turkey is a global touristic destination as it has a lot of historical places as well as the strength of the infrastructure and transportation network in Turkey, which has developed a tremendous development during the last period.

According to statistics, couples and families motivation toward medical tourism is more than others, and therefore Turkey is preferred by families.

The Arab region is one of the most areas in the world in terms of the interest in health tourism.

So our aim is to be the Arab patient’s agency in Turkey.

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  •      Turkey is the country with the most international medical institution having international standard (JCI).
  •      Due to its high quality standards and geographical location, Turkey is 60% cheaper than Europe and serves thousands of European and Middle Eastern countries.
  •      Its  natural beauty and historical richness.
  •      First country in Europe with its richest tourism resources and hot springs
  •      Turkey is one of the leading countries in health tourism thanks to its advanced medical technology and various features.
  •      Population is 80 million. Half of this population is less than 30 years old. More than 27 million. 600 thousand university graduate each year.
  •      There are 700.000 nursing, technician and vocational school graduate per year.
  •      Within 10 years, internet users increased from 1 million to 20 million.
  •      Within 10 years, mobile phone users increased from 23 million to 68 million.
  •      Within 10 years, the number of credit card users increased from 16 million to 54 million.
  •      Within 10 years, the number of people traveling by air has increased from 33 million to 132 million.
  •      Within 10 years, the number of tourists visiting Turkey has increased from 13 million to 32 million. and 4% of them came for health tourism.
  •      Turkey’s national income, which was 230 billion dollars in 2001, has increased four-fold to 850 billion dollars by the end of 2013.
  •      In the last decade, Turkey has emerged as the fastest developing country in Europe with a growth rate of 5%.
  •      Though it was the 30th row 10 years ago, today Turkey is the 16th strongest economy in the world and 6th strongest economy in Europe and it is expected to be in top10 countries in ten years.  ·  National income per capita in 2011 has increased by 118.5% to reach $ 19 thousand in 2013.  ·  With its strategic position, it forms a natural bridge between the east and the west and between the north and the south.
  •   ·  Very strong transportation network and advanced infrastructure.
  •   · Turkey did not only pay the debt to the World Bank, but gave $ 5 billion to the World Bank and more than one billion dollars to the Arab States.


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