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The concept of Health tourism has evolved recently and expanded to include traveling of the patient within the same country or even traveling abroad in order to acquire the medical care needed .

Among the most important of human incentives to search for these services through travel is to provide freedom of movement and the ability to afford expenses and easy access to places of medical services.

And the provision of medical tourism rep is to facilitate travel and accommodation and of course guidance of the client to the most suitable medical places to him as well as guidance and protection during the period of receiving a medical service.

Thus, the medical tourism rep is a guide and organizer for client program and facilitates communication with the medical service providers and to be the link between them.

And also give our client the options and alternatives available and give him complete information about the hospital and the doctors and the development of the proposed treatment plan and the expected drawbacks and duration of treatment and the cost as well.

As a representative of the patient, the rep providing all the medical reports to the health care provider until the accurate treatment plan is determined.

Also we help him to overcome the language barrier by providing a translator throughout the treatment period.

In this process, the health care mediator between the patient and the doctor is the medical tourism rep.

Therefore our motto is Ready for help and Ready for care.

Health tourism sector or as some people would call “the medical tourism industry” is considered as one of the fastest growing sectors and according to 2016 statistics, the number of passengers for health tourism and 4% of airline passengers has reached 11 million people.

Turkey is considered as one of the favorite destinations in medical tourism due to their distinctive prices and keeping up with European systems.

Because of Turkey is a global touristic destination as it has a lot of historical places as well as the strength of the infrastructure and transportation network in Turkey, which has developed a tremendous development during the last period.

According to statistics, couples and families motivation toward medical tourism is more than others, and therefore Turkey is preferred by families.

The Arab region is one of the most areas in the world in terms of the interest in health tourism.

So our aim is to be the Arab patient’s agency in Turkey.



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